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The Black Diamond BOT multicurrency robot strategy uses 3 scalping strategies to determine entry points, which increases trading efficiency. Strategies account forex4you org inputs based on standard Metatrader platform indicators: Orders placed close much faster and much larger, which ensures a smooth growth of the deposit with small drawdowns.

In case of losses, an increase in Black Diamond rates is used.

Forex4you (Форекс фо ю)

Multicurrency trading is used with individual settings for each pair, which ensures trading diversification and risk reduction. This is due to the fact that for each pair we trade in significantly reduced lots compared to the single-currency strategy, and the periods of large drawdowns for all pairs do not coincide at the same account forex4you org.

Уже более 10 лет она предлагает услуги онлайн-торговли. В году была запущена революционная web платформа Share4you. Она позволяет каждому желающему попробовать силы в биржевой торговле. Все сделки проводятся в личном кабинете.

Due to the use of three different scalping strategies based on the principle of Black Diamond, account forex4you org adviser successfully trades and makes profit.

Each order is carefully analyzed, entry points are determined to achieve maximum effect.

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Thanks to the introduction of new systems for analyzing and controlling orders, account forex4you org drawdowns are significantly reduced. The adviser has settings for money management for each of the three strategies, as well as settings for the start and the time of trading on Monday and ending on Friday. What is necessary to do? We advise our partners every day to go to the Metatrader terminal with the robot installed to check its operation to be correct Why do I need to restart the terminal?

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Metatrader can take a lot of memory, because it constantly stores the history of bars in RAM and allocates the buffers necessary for caching data account forex4you org the Black Diamond BOT adviser. The more currency pairs, indicators and charts you account forex4you org opened, the more memory the Metatrader will consume. At the same time, the memory consumption will increase with the operation time since the history of the bars is constantly account forex4you org.

account forex4you org

We have automated the reboot process using special scripts. What are the guarantees of profitability? In the personal account in the section My robot there is a detailed instruction for installing the Black Diamond BOT software Can Account forex4you org purchase multiple robots?

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What is the Black Diamond Patner Program? For more information, see the Marketing section Marketing.

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Why is timeframe 1 hour selected? ПBlack Diamond BOT software can work at all time intervals, but at all stages of testing, the hourly timeframe H1 has best established itself. This is due to the fact that the number of useful transactions is optimally balanced, due to the reduction of noise in the market.

Компания зарегистрирована в оффшорной зоне — на Британских Виргинских островах. Также есть телефонные службы поддержки на 8 языках, в том числе и на русском. А вот представительства Forex4you в Беларуси и Украине, а также поддержка на белорусском и украинском языках в телефонном режиме отсутствуют.

At small time intervals, the number of transactions will increase, naturally and drawdowns will increase. For longer periods of time, drawdowns account forex4you org, however, the number of orders decreases. What time is trading being done? Weekends in the market Saturday and Sunday, because most banks do not work the market has extremely low liquidity these days.

Брокер Forex4you

As soon as one continent leaves the market, another begins to work When can I withdraw my funds? To withdraw funds, you need an account verification of Forex4You.

account forex4you org

To use the payment account forex4you org to withdraw funds, you need to make a deposit from the selected system for any amount. It is necessary to connect the specified details for each selected payment system and be able to withdraw the sum to the specified details that you provided when you made your deposit.

Нажмите, чтобы раскрыть С кем судиться? Российские суды, да и любой суд, любой страны, отправят вас туда, где юрдически зарегестрированная сама компания, а не где находится её филиал. Вам только один суд в Лондоне, по иску к компании обойдётся в Фунтов Стерлингов дорога, проживание, адвокат и тд. Так что, если компания решит закрыться, то клиенты своих денег в любом случае уже никогда не увидят, потому, что ни один клиентский цент компаниии "Forex4you" не застрахован, и при форс-мажоре банкротстве, или просто закрытииaccount forex4you org не получат ни цента.

You can use the added payment system for withdrawal after 30 days from the date of replenishment. Please note that if you make a first deposit, the selected system will be available for withdrawal immediately, with the exception of a bank wire transfer and a bank card.

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Why, after a reboot, sometimes the robot disappears from some pairs? This could happen for several reasons. Most likely, after the update, metatrader4 itself did not save the settings in pairs.


We recommend restarting the terminal account forex4you org after the update and check if everything is OK. The second reason they could go off is a technical error on the side of the Forex4you broker itself, due to the short-term metatrader4 dissynchronization with the marketplace of order execution. Therefore, periodically we recommend you to enter your terminals and check the accuracy of the work!

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